Kids Say the Darndest Things (Lia@4)

Some of my most interesting conversations lately have been with my four-year-old. Here are some snippets of our more interesting discussions.

While I was pregnant:

Lia: Mommy, what is Sam doing inside your tummy:
Me: I don’t know, sweetie.
Lia: When I was inside your tummy, I liked looking at your bones.


While giving a bath to baby Sam, I put a bit too much shampoo so his hair looked white from the suds.

Lia: Mommy, he looks like Lolo Eneng with white hair!
Me: Ay, oo nga! (Oh, you’re right!)
Lia: Did you know Lola Ati is not as old as Lolo Eneng? (referring to her grandparents)
Me: No, Lola Ati is actually older than Lolo Eneng.
Lia: No, Lolo Eneng is older because he has white hair. Lola Ati is not as old because her hair is not white.
Me: Oh, Lola Ati’s hair is also white, she just colors her hair black.
Lia: (shocked) Whaaat?!? You can do that?!


After I let her win another race:

Lia: Mommy, you know why I always win when we race?
Me: Why?
Lia: Because my tummy isn’t big like yours.


Lia keeps me on my toes, both literally and figuratively. She asks me questions about God that I never thought about before. Usually, when I pray with her, I address the prayer to Jesus. One day, we were reading a Bible story where Jesus prayed.

Lia: Wait, Mommy. Who is Jesus praying to?
Me: (wondering how to explain the concept of trinity) Um, Jesus is praying to His Father.
Lia: What?
Me: God is actually three in one – God the Father, God the Son – that’s Jesus – and God the Holy Spirit….
Lia: Okay.
Me: (relieved that she didn’t ask anything else)
After a few weeks, we were talking about her wound.
Me: We should pray to Jesus to make it better.
Lia: Or His Father.
Me: (happy that she remembered our previous conversation on trinity) That’s right!
Lia: Mommy, can Jesus also have kids? Because His Father had a kid, right?
Me: ……………..


We were on our way back from Hongkong Disneyland, and she was singing a song from Sunday school repeatedly that was about salvation.  There is a line that says, “Forgive me now for all my sins.” Thinking it was a good learning opportunity, I asked her:

Me: Do you know what sin means?
Lia: No.
Me: It’s the bad things we’ve done. The Bible says everyone has sinned or done bad things, including you and Mommy…
Lia: What do you mean bad things? So we’re bad guys now? 
Me: Ummmm…
Lia: And we should go to jail?! Because bad guys should go to jail, you know!
Me: ……………….


A few days after I explained the story of salvation to her and she asked Jesus to come into her heart, she went to me with a confused look on her face.

Lia: Jesus is inside my heart now, right?
Me: Yes!
Lia: And Jesus is at church?
Me: (wondering where this is going) Yes….
Lia: How does THAT work?
Me: …………….


Before bedtime one night:

Lia: Is there many Jesuses?
Me: What do you mean?
Lia: You said Jesus takes care of us. How can He do that if there’s only one Jesus and many persons to take care of?
Me: (wondering how to explain omnipresence) Jesus can be everywhere at once…
Lia: But how can He do that if He’s stuck in my heart?
Me: What do you mean?
Lia: I asked Him to come inside my heart, remember? So He’s stuck there. How can He get out and take care of other people?
Me: Ummm…
Lia: Oh, I know. Maybe He walks fast. 

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