Remembering Ondoy

Eight years ago today, Sidney and I got up early after a restless night to assess the devastation caused by Typhoon Ondoy. We’ve experienced our fair share of floods before, but never anything like this – reaching more than 6 feet inside our house.

Eight years ago today, we found out we lost a lot of material things. The ones that hurt the most were not the expensive items, but those that are irreplaceable- my deceased brothers’ photos, my father’s love letters to my mother from their courtship days in the 60s, and my childhood pictures. But we didn’t lose anyone in our family, and that’s what matters.

Eight years ago today, I experienced how money can be of no use in certain situations. We had money to buy food but there were no stores to buy food from. We had to make do with whatever was in the fridge (before they go bad) and the bowl of eggs we saved from the flood before they floated away.

Eight years ago today, I understood in a very personal way what it means to sing “Father, You are King over the flood, I will be still and know You are God.”

Thank You Lord. We remember Your goodness and protection to us eight years ago today.

This was our neighbor’s house in front of us on the night of 26 September 2009. They didn’t have a second floor like us and were stuck in the attic. We discussed how they could move to our place if the flood got even higher. It would have been dangerous because of the strong current – strong enough to kill someone that night as we found out the next day.
Our view from the second floor that fateful night. Water, water everywhere.
Poor car
Our view when we went downstairs. Mud everywhere, furniture floating around, nearly everything ruined. But… I cannot forget those who came to help us during those days. Salamat po!

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost their loved ones in Ondoy.

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