El Mero Mero at CHIJMES

So hubby and I decided to finally check out CHIJMES. We’ve been living in Singapore for seven years now but just never found the time to go there.

If you have no idea what CHIJMES is, you can check their website here. It is a 160-year-old complex that was transformed into a “unique lifestyle venue” – which basically means it’s a great place to eat, or hold weddings, or take professional photos.

I was craving for some Mexican food and we ended up at El Mero Mero. We started off with guacamole and tortilla chips. The guacamole was a bit on the bland side, so we put some salt and lime. This was a bit pricey at SGD18.

I wanted tacos so I ordered the  Kurobuta Pork “Al Pastor” – pineapple, coriander, onion, lime, special 4-inch corn tortilla. It costs SGD14 for 2 pieces and SGD20 for 3.

The pork was very flavorful and went well with the tortillas we had with the guacamole. I wish there was more grilled pineapples, onion and coriander though.

Hubby wanted beef, and went with the NZ Angus Beef Burrito – guacamole, cheese, cream, fried beans, rice, lettuce, red onion. This cost SGD29 but was easily the best thing we ate there.

Unfortunately, since this came in about 20 minutes after they first served the guacamole and the tacos, hubby was already feeling full from eating half of my tacos and finishing off his virgin mojito, so he could only manage to eat half of the burrito. But it was so good that even though I was feeling quite full myself, I finished off the rest. Best burrito I’ve ever had!

Along with these three dishes, two virgin mojitos and an agua fresca, our final bill was SGD109.46. This is a bit on the pricey side, but if you just want to have a nice, laid-back dinner at an area with a great ambience, El Mero Mero is a great place to go.

El Mero Mero
30 Victoria Street #01-20 Chijmes Singapore  187996

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