Kids Say the Darndest Things (Lia@3)


I marvel sometimes at the conversations I have with the little one. Here are some things she told me recently:


“Mommy, do you want to talk about it?” – About her school’s sports day. I was talking to her when she was trying to sleep, so she stopped drinking milk, opened her eyes and asked me if I still wanted to talk.

“Mommy, I’m serious. I’m not kidding.” – About how tired she is walking home from the library that she can’t walk another step. That was almost an hour ago. She is still running around the playground refusing to go home. So I guess she wasn’t so tired after all…

“Mommy, that doesn’t make any sense.” – After I made up a silly rhyme about how she will join a race / with her Daddy and his shoelace.


Late night conversation before we went to sleep…

Lia: Mommy I saw a flower yesterday. I wanted to pick it up and give to you but Daddy said it’s crushed already.

Me: Awww that’s so sweet. Whatever you give Mommy, I will like.

Lia: So if I give you pupu (poo), you will like? If I give you cockroach you will like? If I give you batutness (being naked), you will like?

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