Nervous Mom – 1st Visit to KK (O&G)

I’ve been trying to get an appointment to see a gynaecologist to confirm the pregnancy. At first I wanted whoever was recommended by Ate Ailine, who works in KK, but in my desperation I would have agreed with ANY female gynae. Unfortunately, there’s a looooong waiting period for gynaes at KK Hospital, so the earliest appointment I could get was in December.

I then called Dr. Irene Chua, my previous gynaecologist from Gleneagles Hospital. It would be more expensive, but at least it was easier to get an appointment with her. And surprise, surprise – I also couldn’t get an appointment easily.

Is every woman in Singapore pregnant at the same time or what?

Anyway, so I had lunch at Starbucks at One Fullerton. It’s a very nice spot in front of the river, where I always feel at peace. I would sometimes go there, bring a book and read at my leisure while having my lunch. It’s about 10 minutes away at a leisurely place from my office, and the walk never bothered me. Until today.

As soon as I got back to my seat, I started having palpitations and I broke out in cold sweats. My heart was really beating very very fast. I called Sidney in a panic because I’ve never felt this way before, and we decided to go to KK Hospital’s 24-hour O&G Clinic.

The good news is that nothing was wrong with me even after an ECG, blood test etc. Plus I got a sonogram to confirm the pregnancy. The bad news is that we don’t know what caused the episode. The doctor said sometimes when you’re pregnant, your blood pressure goes very low, and your heart over-pumps to compensate.

Anyway, we paid SGD409.81 for this visit for the nervous mom. Here’s the breakdown:

128.00 – Consultation: New Visit (OG24H)

82.00 – Renal Panel + Glucose

28.00 – Full Blood Count

20.00 – Urine HCG

70.00 – Free T4/TSH

33.00 – U/S OBS/GYN routine Simple SC

22.00 – ECG, 12-leads without report

26.81 – 7% GST


And here’s baby #2’s first picture:


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