Kids Say the Darndest Things (Lia@2)

My girl is 2 years old and 3 months, and is quite talkative. She has a knack for adding “-ing” in all her verbs, regardless of whether the verb is in English or Tagalog. Examples include “I’m ligo-ing,” “I’m pupu-ing,” “I’m wiwi-ing.”


When her 4-year-old cousin went up to her in the middle of a tantrum, she said, “I’m busy crying!”


When we were in HK Disneyland, she kept saying to the characters, “Hi Mickey/Donald Duck/Minnie/Goofy/Winnie Pooh [sic], I’m Lia! What’s your name?”


We have this game we often play, where I would hum a few lines from a song and she would guess what the song is. Then she would do the humming and I would guess. The songs would range from worship songs, nursery rhymes, Hi5 songs, and so on.

Sometimes though, she would hum an unfamiliar tune and after a few bars, I would give up and ask, “What’s that?” and she would triumphantly reply, “New song!”

And a week or so after that, she would hum something familiar (eg “So Long Farewell from The Sound of Music) but when I would guess “So Long Farewell” she would say mischievously, “Noooo…” until I would give up and ask, and she would say “Baca Coco” or some other made up title. If you ask her to sing the full song, she would make up the words as she goes along.

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