I Can’t Believe It’s Been One Year Since I Last Wrote Here

Yes, it’s been one year since I last wrote in this blog – this blog which I started to document my daughter’s first years. And I know exactly why I stopped writing in the first place – a real bad case of mommy guilt.

The last entry I posted in December 2013 was about my daughter’s really bad case of diarrhea, that went for about twenty days or so. I wasn’t able to go to work for a few days because of that. What really made me feel guilty though is that there was one day in January 2014 when I wanted to go to work… because I needed a break from my own daughter.

Yes, that was a tough time. I finally decided I won’t go to work for that reason, so I did stay at home and took care of my own daughter. It wasn’t easy at all. She kept crying and crying and it was just so worrying and exhausting.

Life has its ups and down. It’s a good thing we know that God is on our side wherever we may be  and whatever we may be feeling.

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