Blood in the Poop and One Scared Mom

The doctor warned us to watch out for blood in the poop, and the next day, there was blood in the poop, and one scared mom.

She would wail very loudly every time she poops, and we were at our wits’ end, so we decided to rush back to KK Hospital. The waiting time wasn’t so bad – we were done in about an hour. I packed extra clothes for her in case she had to be admitted, which thankfully wasn’t the case.

She pooped twice with blood – the second time was at the baby care room at KK. I kept both dirty diapers to show to the doctor, who said that there was nothing to worry about, since the blood was fresh and red and probably came from the large intestine which was already sore from passing motion so often.

The doctor had to call someone more senior to check on Lia again, since she was there just the day before. We paid slightly more this time though as she gave us a new ointment (Egozite) for her diaper rash. It cost SGD3.97, and I had to pay for it on top of the SGD98.00 A&E Attendance Fee.

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