Too Much Poop

When I went home on Friday night, our helper told me that Lia pooped 4x the whole day. It wasn’t watery or anything, but it was strange since she usually poops just once every one or two days. That night, she pooped an additional 3x, so I started becoming concerned.

The next day, she pooped 9x. She was still active and was drinking the same amount of milk, so I tried not to worry too much. But on Sunday, she started wailing every time she poops – both before she actually poops (making me think that her tummy must be hurting) – and after, when we were cleaning her up (probably because she had a bad case of diaper rash by then). That evening, we decided to go straight to KK Hospital to have her checked.

When we entered Children’s Emergency, there was a sign that says the average waiting time is 2 hours. I thought they were just managing our expectations, but we did wind up staying there for about 2 hours.

The doctor asked us to switch her to soy milk (Friso Soy) while she has diarrhoea, as she says it’s easier for babies to digest. She also gave us Lacteol Fort with the instructions to give her a sachet twice a day. The total bill was SGD98.00 (A&E Attendance Fee), and already included 10 packets of Lacteol Fort and Bactidex (for her diaper rash). We were instructed to go back if ever we see blood in her poop.

She was asleep by the time we went to the doctor, but woke up quietly when she started checking on her. When we tried to weigh her though, she gave such a loud wail that the doctor was surprised. She now weighs 8.05 kg, which explains why my back hurts now every time I put her on her carrier.

Before we went home, I asked our helper to buy the smallest can of Friso Soy at the nearby Fairprice. The doctor told us to give her pure soy milk at first. If she rejects it, then try to add a scoop of her regular formula. For her first bottle, I gave her pure soy milk (5 scoops!). She was hungry so she sucked for a while, then rejected it. I made another bottle with 2 scoops of soy milk and 1 scoop of formula, and she rejected it again. I made still another bottle with 1 scoop of soy milk and 1 scoop of formula, which she again rejected. Finally, I gave her 4 scoops of formula and 1 scoop of soy milk, and she started sucking contentedly. I gradually increased the soy milk, and now I’m up to 3 scoops of soy milk and 2 scoops of formula.

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