We’re Back to the Doctor

Lia is still sick. I’ve been using the Iliadin nose drop and Bromhexine religiously, but she’s not getting any better. We brought her back to Dr. Shermela Appan at The Children’s Medical Centre, who finally gave her antibiotics and a new nose drop. Hope this helps. Here’s the breakdown of our bill.

Review 40.00
Betamethasone Nose Drop 9.00
Amoxicillin 10.00
Total 59.00

Lia started with antibiotics, and it seemed that her cough and colds have slowly started to improve. However, there was an unexpected effect of the antibiotics – she developed a mild case of diarrhoea. Ever the fearful parents, we went straight back to Dr. Appan and was given Lacteol Fort to settle her tummy and a new cough syrup. It worked. The consultation fee was discounted because we went back within 7 days of our last visit.

Discount Consultation 30.00
Salbutamol 6.00
Lacteol Fort 9.00
Total 45.00

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