And Now She’s Sick

We went swimming last Saturday, and by Monday afternoon she already had a runny nose. She didn’t have a fever but she kept coughing and sniffling the whole day, and would wake several times at night crying because she couldn’t breathe. I would have to carry her in an upright position to make it easier for her to breathe and use a nasal aspirator to suck the mucus out of her little nose. It’s tiring and very sad, and I felt so bad for my baby.

We went to The Children’s Medical Centre on Wednesday because her cough and colds wasn’t getting better. Since she was nearly six months by now, Dr. Appan gave her some medicines which would hopefully help her. Here’s how much the check up cost –

Consultation 45.00
Iliadin Nose Drops 8.00
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 7.00
Bromhexine 3.00
Total 63.00
I’ve been cleaning her nose twice a day with Sterimar Nasal Spray as well but so far she is still sick. 🙁

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