Another First.. First Time Going Swimming!

We recently had a church swimming activity that I wanted to go to, but it was drizzling that day and I haven’t found a swimsuit for my baby yet. There was one at Junction 8 but it costs SGD30, and I just knew that she would only get to wear it once or twice before she outgrows it so I couldn’t get myself to buy it.

While looking around at some stalls near my office, I saw some baby clothes on sale and got a swimsuit for SGD10. Instantly I made plans for our family to go swimming that weekend, especially since my parents would be here.
I was quite excited to put on the swimsuit on Lia and I thought she looked very cute, but she did not like getting herself wet. I had a difficult time giving her a shower afterwards (she’s not even six months yet) and swore never to go swimming again until she’s a little older.

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