My Baby’s First Taste of Solid Food

So… I’ve read before that you shouldn’t start feeding solids to your baby until she’s six months old. But my boss, who had a baby a few months before I did, told me that she let her second and third babies eat solids before they reached six months. She told me that you’ll know if your baby is ready. I was a little doubtful at that time, but now that my baby is five months and two weeks old, I just KNOW she’s ready.

It also helps that during her fifth month check-up, when Dr. Appan gave her the Rotavirus oral vaccine, she mentioned that we can start feeding Lia solids in a week or two because her swallowing reflex is quite good.

Also, whenever we eat, she would track the movement of the spoon from the plate to our mouths and would try to grab it from us. She would drool and make chewing motions as she watches us eat.

So we started her on solids today. I was so excited when I first started feeding her, especially since she was very interested and finished up everything. I boiled a small chunk of carrot until it was very soft, then mashed it well and mixed it with a bit of formula. She loved it and even tried to grab the spoon from me several times.

lia's 1st food

Here are the food I’m planning to feed her in the coming weeks:

– mashed carrot
– mashed squash
– mashed sweet potato
– mashed potato
– pureed broccoli
– mashed apple
– mashed banana
– mashed papaya
– mashed chayote

We also have free samples of Cerelac which we’ll also try soon.

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