Last Needles for a While – Lia’s 5th Month of Immunisation

We’ve been busy lately with the move and all, so I haven’t had time to check through Lia’s health booklet to see where we are in terms of her immunisations. For whatever reason, I thought that the last of the monthly vaccines would be next month (on her sixth month), so I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Appan (from The Children’s Medical Centre in Bishan) told us we would have a few months of “rest” since we only need to come back for her next shots when she’s one years old. Hooray!

She finished up her Rotavirus oral vaccine without problems, and Dr. Appan mentioned that she is ready for solids because her swallowing reflex is quite good. That’s great news for me, since I’ve been excited to try feeding her solids for some time now. She is at the 75th percentile weighing 7.2 kg and measuring 65 cm long.

I was surprised when the receptionist gave us freebies this time – a small can of Friso Gold Step 2 Follow On Formula (which she will be starting in a few more days), and several packets of Cerelac Brown Rice and Cerelac Rice. I didn’t expect to get them, so I was quite pleased to receive something to start us off.

The bill was quite high again but who cares – as long as Lia doesn’t get sick. Here’s the breakdown:

Infanrix – HIB/IPV/HBV 163.00
Rotateq 72.00
Prevenar 13 175.00
Total 410.00
They gave us paracetamol again in case she develops fever afterwards, but thankfully she hasn’t.

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