The End Is in Sight… Our 4th Month Immunisations

We were supposed to take Lia for her 4th month immunisation on Wednesday, 25 Sep, since my hubby doesn’t work on Wednesdays and I was planning to go on leave. However, since she was sick on the Monday prior, we could only do her immunisation on a Saturday, which was 28 Sep. I asked our helper to come with me as I don’t think I could manage it by myself.

Lia fell asleep at the waiting room and I had to nudge her awake when we finally got inside Dr. Appan’s room at The Children’s Medical Centre. Thankfully, she wasn’t fussy when she woke up and quietly looked around. She cried only a little during the immunisation itself and quickly calmed down as soon as I picked her up.

The bill came up to SGD200.00 with the following breakdown:

Rotateq 72.00
Infanrix – IPV+HIB 128.00
Total 200.00

She now weighs 6.8 kg, which explains why my arms get tired more quickly now whenever I’m carrying her around.

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