I Wasn’t Prepared for This (Baby’s 3rd Month Immunisations)

Baby Lia is now three months old, so we went back to The Children’s Medical Centre at Bishan for her third month immunisations. For those who don’t live in Singapore, the government has a list of required immunisations as well as the schedule in the Health Booklet. At birth, baby should get the BCG (tuberculosis) and first dose of HepB (Hepatitis B) immunisations. On the 1st month, the second dose of HepB should be given. On the third month, the baby requires the following:

DTap – first dose (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis)
OPV – first dose (Poliovirus)
PCV – first dose (Pneumococcal Disease)

There are also several optional vaccinations, and we decided to take whatever we could already take now, which are:

Rotavirus – first dose
Hib – first dose (Haemophilus Influenza B)

Thankfully, there is a five-in-one vaccine that combines DTap, OPV, PCV and Hib in one shot, then another shot for PCV. Rotavirus vaccine is given orally.

We saw Dr. Shermela Appan this time when we went to The Children’s Medical Centre so that we can choose between her and Dr. Leong for future doctor’s appointments. Anyway, Baby Lia now weighs 6.3 kg and is 61 cm long, putting her at the 75th percentile.

The total cost amounted to SGD420.00 with the following breakdown:

Check-up / Developmental Assessment 45.00
Infanrix (5-in-1) 128.00
Prevenar 13 (PCV) 175.00
Rotateq 72.00
TOTAL 420.00

I wish the clinic would accept credit cards in the future though. It was more expensive than I thought (and to think we have to get another dose next month!) and it messes up our monthly cash flow having to pay for cash for everything. Oh well.

Anyway, what I wasn’t prepared for was the side effect of the immunisations. The doctor gave us some Paracetamol in case she develops a mild fever, but it seems she also told my hubby (I was already out of the room by then) that we may expect a temporary loss of appetite. She hasn’t been feeding well since then (it’s been 2 days) and has been particularly fussy, crying and wanting to be held…

I hope this passes soon because my frazzled mommy nerves are definitely taking a hit.

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