Answers to Some Very Specific Prayer Requests

Eleven days before I gave birth, I wrote a post about some very specific prayer requests (read the original post here) I had with regards to the delivery. Here’s an update on God’s answer to my requests.

1. That my hubby will be at home (and not at work) when I have to be rushed to the hospital
>> He was on his way to work and was able to come home quickly to take me to the hospital.

2. That when we arrive at the hospital, I will be dilated enough that I can go straight to the delivery room instead of having to hang around in pain or being sent home (my sister was sent home when she first went to KK Hospital two years ago, because she was only about 2 or 3 cm dilated)
>> I think I was only about 2 cm dilated when we got to the hospital but since my water bag was leaking, they couldn’t send me home and sent me to the delivery suite to be induced.

3. That when we arrive at the hospital, I will still be able to get an epidural (my sister was way too dilated when she returned to KK Hospital the next day that there wasn’t enough time for epidural anymore)
>> Thankfully, I was able to get an epidural. In fact I had to wait several hours before I was dilated enough to get it!

4. That I would know how to push and breathe correctly, and that the baby will be out in less than two hours via normal delivery (so that we won’t have to pay for additional charges)
>> Hahaha now I laugh at my hope that the baby will be out in less than two hours. I think I spent about 12 hours in labour.

5. That my hubby would remember to use our UOB credit card and get it on 0% installment for 6 months
>> Thankfully he did remember. He made a joke while I was in labour that he forgot, but I was already in too much pain at that time and told him it wasn’t really the time for jokes.

6. That I will be able to 100% breastfeed our baby (my mother had no milk, but my sister was able to breastfeed her daughters for at least 6 months)
>> My milk supply is quite low, but at least now I’m able to supply about 30% of my baby’s needs. And yes, I know it’s about 30% because I have an Excel spreadsheet to compute the amount of formula vs the amount of expressed breastmilk she takes.

7. That I will be strong and calm during the whole ordeal, and not crabby or scared or hysterical
>> I wasn’t hysterical, but there were times when I was crabby and scared. There were also times when I was calm. I guess this is all part of the miracle of childbirth.

8. That I would have everything we need in the hospital bag. I’m so worried about forgetting anything – and just tonight, my hubby and I remembered that we forgot to pack our new digital camera which we bought specifically for the delivery.
>> I forgot to include a pair of comfortable shorts for my hubby. Other than that, I packed more than I needed.

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