Good Gifts

Today, baby Lia and I were taking our afternoon nap together when I started to hear her whimper. It was feeding time, so I slowly (somewhat reluctantly) got up to heat up the expressed breast milk that I put in the fridge earlier. By the time it was done, she was already crying at the top of her lungs. 

I hurriedly put a bib on her, but before I could give her the milk, she’s already started sucking on her bib contentedly. I gently pulled it from her mouth and offered the milk bottle, but she resisted at first. 
I wanted to tell her that I know what she needs – and it is not her bib. She may think that the bib is what she wanted, but I as her mother know that what she needs to satisfy her hunger and what she really, truly wants at that moment is milk. 

I suddenly remembered Matthew 7:11:


I thanked God for reminding me of this important lesson. If I, a sinful, imperfect person, always want to give what is good for my baby, how much more does our sinless, perfect Father want to give what is good for us… 

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