Second Month Check-Up at KK Hospital – 90th Percentile!

We went to KK Hospital today for our baby’s scheduled second month check-up to see if everything is going well. Since we already had our HepB second dose at The Children’s Medical Centre at Bishan, we did not have to get a jab during this check up. FYI, the second dose can be given either on the first or second month – we chose to get in on the first month as we also wanted to see a doctor for a “well baby” check-up just to see if everything was going well.

Dr. K W Tan did Lia’s 8th week assessment (checking her reflexes etc) and informed us that she is now at the 90th percentile when it comes to weight (5.7 kg), length (59.2 cm) and head circumference. I found it quite interesting to think that out of 10 babies in Singapore, only one is bigger than her. Since we had fears about raising an obese baby, we asked Dr. Tan if that was okay, and he said that as long as her growth is proportionate (i.e. the weight, length and head circumference are all growing at the same rate), there was nothing to worry about.

We were “discharged” since baby Lia was healthy and all, and advised that we can complete the rest of the vaccines at The Children’s Medical Centre. Dr. Tan seemed to know Dr. Leong by the way – hubby and I guessed that there weren’t that many paediatricians in Singapore so they probably know each other, plus both of them seem to be in the same age range.

The total bill amounted to SGD94.16 – SGD88.00 for the consultation with a Senior Consultant, and SGD6.16 for GST.

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