Some Sad News on My Sixth Week Check-Up

During the first four months of my pregnancy, I went to Dr. Irene Chua, who was my sister’s gynaecologist. She used to work at KK Hospital, but she has since set up her private clinic at Gleneagles Hospital. Unfortunately, it was too expensive for us to keep seeing her especially during the time I was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and had to see her every two weeks or so. Thus, when I finally had to be hospitalised, we went to KK Hospital instead of Gleneagles. Although KK is much cheaper, the downside was that I had to choose a new gynaecologist. I asked Dr. Irene Chua for recommendations, and Dr. Natalie Chua was one of the three names she gave us.

Dr. Natalie Chua was a great choice. She was pleasant, efficient and I felt quite comfortable with her. When I was discharged from KK Hospital after delivering my baby, I was given an appointment after six weeks to see her, and she told us to bring our baby if possible so she could see her.


Unfortunately, during the check-up, Dr. Natalie Chua shared that she is leaving KK Hospital to set up her private clinic too. I wish we could keep seeing her in her private clinic, but I’m sure it would be too expensive, so she has set up an appointment for me (for next year) with another female colleague from KK.

Before we left, she asked to take a picture with us and the baby, which was great because I was about to ask the same thing. Hopefully, the next gynaecologist I see will be as warm and concerned as my two previous gynaecologists – Dr. Irene Chua and Dr. Natalie Chua.

Anyway, after six weeks, I’m 1.9 kilos below my pre-pregnancy weight at 56.0 kilos, losing a total of 8.8 kilos since the week before I gave birth. Unfortunately though, I feel as if my belly still looks four months pregnant, and I’m hoping once I start to exercise, I will lose the belly fat. My blood pressure stayed pretty much the same at 103/64 mmHg, which is a very good thing.

I told Dr. Chua that I would like to increase my milk production, as I can only manage to supply about 20% of the milk that my baby needs (and yes, I have an Excel file to monitor the amount of formula and expressed breast milk that she takes every day). She gave me Domperidone and Fenugreek, which I take three times a day. She warned me that these would engorge my breasts, and I said I didn’t mind as long as my milk supply goes up.

My total bill amounted to SGD231.02 with the following breakdown:

Consultation 60.00
Co-Amoxiclav 625 mg (10 tablets) 1.80
Domperidone 10mg (180 tablets) 21.60
Fenugreek Seed 610mg (3 bottles of 100 tablets) 82.50
Cervical Pap Smear 50.00
GST 15.12
Total 231.02

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