The Final Bill from KK

I’ve been waiting for the final bill from KK Hospital since last week for my normal delivery with epidural and induction. As I’ve mentioned previously, when I was admitted we had to pay the estimated bill amounting to SGD4,695.00 outright. I’ve been praying that when the final bill arrives, we would have to pay less than SGD1,000, and thank God our prayer was answered! We just need to pay an additional SGD168.75, with the total bill coming up to SGD4,863.75. Here’s the breakdown:

2 Days Delivery Package 1,888.00
Ward – Nursery 180.00
Laboratory Investigations 167.50
Rehabilitative Services 115.00
Delivery Charges 825.10
Delivery Suite Charges 235.20
Drugs / Prescriptions / Injections 219.34
Ward Procedures 546.02
Consumables 43.40
Other Procedures 242.00
7% GST 312.31
Outpatient turned Inpatient 89.88
TOTAL 4,863.75


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