Best. Anniversary. Ever

24 May 2013 was our 4th wedding anniversary, and it was also the day we went home with our baby girl. Best anniversary ever.

Usually we celebrate our anniversary with an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip. On our first anniversary, we stayed for one night at a resort in Antipolo City, Philippines. On our second anniversary, we stayed for two nights at a resort in Batam, Indonesia. On our third anniversary, we stayed for three nights at a hotel in Phuket, Thailand. And on our fourth anniversary, we left KK Hospital at Singapore with our precious bundle of joy.

Instead of enjoying a buffet breakfast, I ate the hospital’s tasteless scrambled eggs and baked beans, while my hubby bought his breakfast from McDonald’s. Instead of going out for adventure activities such as parasailing and elephant-riding, we embarked on the biggest adventure of our lives – becoming first-time parents.

Thank you Lord for the blessing.


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  1. M + H says:

    Best anniversary present ever 🙂

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