Highlights of My First Few Hours as a Mom

1) Throwing Up – Part One

I gave birth at 9:23 PM on 22 May 2013, Wednesday. After everything was done, I had to stay at the delivery room for another hour to be monitored for excessive bleeding and other stuff that I wasn’t really listening to. I remember that they gave me a cup of hot Milo, which was the first thing I had since breakfast. I drank it thankfully, because I was so tired at that time, until my tummy started feeling funny and I told my hubby I felt I was about to throw up. There wasn’t any nurse around during that time and he rushed to get a trash bin, and I started throwing up as a nurse entered the room. They said it was probably a side effect of the epidural, but a scary thought entered my mind – what if this was my hyperemesis gravidarum acting up again?

2) Sort of Collapsing

When I was to get off the bed to move to a wheelchair so that we could transfer to the private ward, I did a quick glance at the bed sheet and was so shocked at the amount of blood that I sort of collapsed back into bed, which scared the nurses. They thought I was feeling giddy or something, and I said no, I’m just scared of blood. My hubby told me not to look at the bloody sheets again.

3) Throwing Up – Part Two

When we got to the private ward, we kept waiting for them to wheel in our baby to room with us. The nurses said they just had to check her out at the nursery first, but now I have a feeling they intentionally kept her in for a few hours to give me time to rest. I had a drink of warm water, which I threw up again.

4) Feeling SO Tired

The nurse came in and talked about a lot of important stuff, but I just felt SO tired and I could feel myself nodding off while she talked. The moment she left (or maybe she was still at the room at that time – I’m not even sure), I just closed my eyes and slept. I’ve never been so tired in my entire life.

5) Seeing My Baby Again

I was immediately alert when they wheeled in my baby girl to our room. I can’t even remember if they asked me to try breastfeeding already, which didn’t work the entire time I was there so they had to bottle feed her until we left the hospital.

6) Throwing Up – Part Three

I was feeling very, very hungry, so I asked my hubby for some Ritz Cheese (which I packed for him in our hospital bag a few weeks ago to make sure he had something to eat) and a glass of water. I thought I would be able to keep it down, but when the nurse tried to make me get up to use the loo, I promptly began throwing up again. She was very concerned and tried to get me back into bed. I have a feeling that they may have had a case before where a pregnant woman or someone who has recently delivered fainted or something, because they seemed a little panicky everytime I told them I felt dizzy and would try to get me back into bed as quickly as possible.

7) Eating a Huge Breakfast without Throwing Up

After sleeping for hours, the hospital breakfast was brought to me. I remember ordering pancakes the day before, but apparently there was some mix up and they brought me a bagel with cream cheese instead, which I promptly devoured together with some bread with butter and jam, orange juice and strawberry yoghurt. Thankfully, I did not throw up again, so I guess it must really have been the side effect of the epidural and not my HG coming back.

8) First Visitors!!!


Finally, at around 10 am, my dad, mom and niece arrived, all happy and excited to see our baby girl. During lunch break, my sister who works at Tan Tock Seng Hospital took the shuttle from Novena to KK Hospital to hold her niece for the first time. Such a happy happy time for all of us.

Later in the afternoon and until early evening, some friends and churchmates arrived too. I kept hoping that nobody else would be coming in as I was still feeling tired and was definitely NOT looking my best.

My entire family had to leave at around 7 pm to go to a churchmate’s farewell party, which was just as well because I was already quite tired and wanted some one-on-one time with my hubby and the baby. We tried to bottle-feed the baby ourselves, but we couldn’t seem to get her to feed, and my milk still hasn’t come in so at around 2 or 3 am, we decided to ask the nurses to take the baby to the nursery for feeding, so that we could have some time to sleep as well.

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  1. M + H says:

    Sorry you got so sick 🙁 I'm glad it was just a side effect of the epideral though!

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