So Much False Contractions – And Still Not Dilated!

My hubby and I kept hoping that I would give birth before the check-up today, so that we won’t have to pay another SGD75+. I’ve had several false contractions, which I would even attempt to time, but it always goes away.

My doctor said that the baby is about 3.0 kg now, but that should be okay because according to her, it looks like I can push. I’m sure this is something she’s just saying to calm me down. She did an internal exam (which was waaaay more painful than I thought) to see if I was already dilated, but unfortunately I wasn’t.

I asked my doctor today how dilated I have to be before I can get an epidural, and she said about 3 cm is fine. Her nurse even said that the epidural will be one of the first things that will be offered when I arrive at the delivery room, which is good news for me.

My next check-up will be on Thursday (because Friday next week is a national holiday in Singapore), and our total bill today was SGD75.97 again. Here’s the usual breakdown:

Professional Fees – Doctor 60.00
Obstetric Routine Test 11.00
7% GST 4.97
TOTAL 75.97

I knew it would be impossible not to gain any weight this week, and I did. I’m now at 64.8 kg, which doesn’t scare me so much because my sister checked her personal records and she was nearly 70 kg when she gave birth, and now she’s slimmer than she’s ever been. My blood pressure is still steady at 113/65 mmHG.

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