A Waiting Game

Today, we had another check-up with Dr. Natalie Chua at KK Hospital, and my mom came with us. My parents will be here for the next two months to help take care of the baby, though we have a maid already (the same maid who took care of me as a baby, no less).

We arrived 15 minutes late for our appointment because we went to a Christian bookstore first to buy some books for my Dad as well as a toddler’s Bible for the baby. When we arrived at KK Hospital, the nurse told us that my doctor was still out delivering a baby, and told us to go off for a snack first and come back after about an hour. Thankfully, I was quite hungry at that time, so we went to Ya Kun Kaya Toast and ordered kaya toast, teh (hot milk tea) and soft boiled eggs for Mommy and hubby, as well as butter sugar toast and hot Milo for me.


My doctor tried to get an estimate of the baby’s weight, and she said that the baby is now about 2.8 to 2.9 kg. This scares me, because I’m worried she will be too big for me to push out and that I may have to get a CS after all. Hopefully not. My doctor observed that I have no stretch marks at all, which definitely made me smile. My mom and my sister didn’t have stretch marks as well, so I guess this runs in the family or something.

My next check-up will be next week, and our total bill today was SGD75.97. Here’s the breakdown:

Professional Fees – Doctor 60.00
Obstetric Routine Test 11.00
7% GST 4.97
TOTAL 75.97

Surprisingly, I had no weight gain for the past two weeks even though I keep eating and eating, so I’m still at 63.7 kg. My blood pressure is still steady at 109/63 mmHG.

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