Top Five Moments from The Hunger Games Trailer

I’ve been watching and rewatching the trailer of The Hunger Games nearly everyday, wishing March 22 would come soon, and I thought I’d post about my five favorite moments from the less than 3 minute theatrical trailer. Here they are.

#5 – The way Effie said, “Welcome, welcome.” (0:31-0:33) From what I can see in the trailer, I think Elizabeth Banks got the character right.

#4 – The look on the face of Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) when Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteered (1:08). It’s just one second, but the shocked look on his face was very haunting. For some reason, everytime I read The Hunger Games, during the scene when Katniss volunteered, I never pictured in my mind how Peeta must have felt.

#3 – Rue’s four-note whistle at the end of the trailer – seemingly as echoed by a mockingjay (2:30-2:33). I never thought it was the whistle until I saw some comments on YouTube.

#2 – The look on Peeta’s face when he got to the stage as the second tribute from District 12 (1:11-1:12). It’s impossible to guess how Peeta must have been feeling at that exact moment, seeing the girl he loved volunteer to be the girl tribute, and getting picked to be the boy tribute himself. He just looked so… conflicted.

#1 – The way Katniss screamed, “I volunteer!” while struggling against the Peacekeepers (1:00-1:02). It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it.

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  1. Ahh i cant wait for the movie…and totally agree with the never thinkng what Peeta was thinking when Katniss volunteers, THEN him getting picked too….Crazzzy stuff =D

  2. Nitika says:

    couldn’t wait to jst see the movie 🙂
    i have read the book like 24-27 times <3

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