That’s What I Get from Paramore Live in Singapore 2011

I’m so glad I got to see Paramore again, in Singapore this time, and minus drummer Zac Farro. When I first saw them in Manila last year, Josh Farro wasn’t with them because he was too busy planning his wedding. The concert was held on 21 August 2011 at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Here are some of the things I remember about the concert:

1) The Indoor Stadium wasn’t really packed, but maybe that’s because the venue is too huge.

2) They started with Ignorance, one of their catchiest songs.

3) They sang Decode quite early in the show, unlike in Manila where they reserved it towards the end.

4) They had an acoustic set, which included Misguided Ghosts.

5) Hayley was wearing a strange pair of black and white leggings, as in one side is black, the other is white.

6)  They did not perform My Heart. Again. I’m losing hope of ever seeing them perform it live, especially with Josh-the-growler gone.

7) I thought Brick by Boring Brick was their encore, but surprisingly they closed the show with an older hit, Misery Business.

Here is the full set list.

  1. Ignorance
  2. Feeling Sorry
  3. That’s What You Get
  4. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
  5. Emergency
  6. Playing God
  7. Decode
  8. When It Rains
  9. Where the Lines Overlap
  10. Misguided Ghosts
  11. Crushcrushcrush
  12. Monster
  13. Here We Go Again
  14. Pressure
  15. Looking Up
  16. The Only Exception
  17. Brick by Boring Brick
  18. Misery Business

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