Complete Song List from Twilight

This is the complete song list from the first Twilight movie. To read the song list for New Moon, please click here.

1) Full Moon (The Black Ghosts) – track 3 in the soundtrack

– This was played when Bella left Phoenix to live with Charlie at Forks, up until she got to her room. The lyrics were particularly appropriate, since the song talked about leaving. “And I don’t know where I’ll go / And I don’t know what I’ll see / But I’ll try not to bring it back home with me…”

2) Eyes on Fire (Blue Foundation) – track 9 in the soundtrack

– This was played when Bella was waiting for Edward at the parking lot so that she could confront him about his creepy behavior the day before. Not only was the title of the song great for the scene (which opened with a close up of Edward’s flashing black eyes), but the lyrics represented Edward’s initial struggle with wanting to kill Bella. “I’ll seek you out / Slay you alive / One more word and you won’t survive…” Creepy.

3) Tremble for My Beloved (Collective Soul) – track 7 in the soundtrack

– This was played when Edward saved Bella’s life by stopping Tyler’s truck that was about to crash into her. Again, the song they picked for this scene was very well-chosen. “The hour has begun / Your eyes have now opened / To a world where madness craves / To a world where hopes enslaved / Oh, I’ll tremble for my love always…” The hour has come for Bella to realize that there was something supernatural about Edward, and for Edward to realize that he was beginning to fall in love with a human.

4) I Caught Myself (Paramore) – track 8 in the soundtrack

– This was played while Jessica and Angela were trying on prom dresses at Port Angeles, with a disinterested Bella looking on. The lyrics didn’t really match the scene per se, but it reflected the mental and emotional climate of Bella at that time. “You got it, you got it / Some kind of magic / Hypnotic, hypnotic / You’re leaving me breathless…”

5) Never Think (Robert Pattinson) – track 10 in the soundtrack

– This was played during Edward and Bella’s conversation over dinner at Port Angeles, after he saved her life again from the men who were about to attack her. This is one of my favorite scenes because Edward was beginning to open up to Bella about who he is and how he feels. I also loved the fact that the song was composed and sung by Robert Pattinson (the actor playing the role of Edward Cullen) himself. “Girl save your soul / Go on save your soul / Before it’s too far gone / And before nothing can be done / Cause without me / You got it all…”

6) Spotlight – Twilight Mix (Mute Math) – track 5 in the soundtrack

– This was played during the scene where Edward and Bella came to school together for the first time. “The spotlight is on…”

7) La Traviata (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) – included in the bonus tracks

– This was played when Bella first visited Edward’s house, while the Cullens were making dinner for her.

8) Clair de Lune (The APM Orchestra) – included in the bonus tracks

– This was played when Bella turned on the CD player at Edward’s room, and they danced for a while.

9) Bella’s Lullaby (Carter Burwell) – track 12 in the soundtrack

– This was played when Edward carried Bella to the top of the trees to show her the sights, and continued to the scene where he was playing the piano for her. I really like the fact that Robert Pattinson was really the one playing the piano in the scene. There’s another “fake” version of Bella’s Lullaby which is actually “River Flows in You” by Yiruma. I wonder why they didn’t go for that one.

10) Supermassive Black Hole (Muse) – track 1 in the soundtrack

– This was played during the baseball game at the field right until James, Victoria and Laurent came to spoil everything. The lyrics doesn’t exactly fit the scene, but the rhythm and the music  did.

11) Let Me Sign (Robert Pattinson) – included in the bonus tracks

– This was played when a pained Edward decided to suck the venom out of Bella’s wound himself, not knowing if he can find the will to stop, in order to save her from becoming a vampire like him. The song runs throughout Bella’s dream sequence during her near-death experience. This was a very haunting, painful song, and again, it’s by Robert Pattinson. I’m not exactly sure what the phrase “let me sign” means though. Let me sign in the petition to become a vampire?

12) Go All the Way [Into the Twilight] (Perry Farrell) – track 6 in the soundtrack

– This was played during the prom, when Edward led Bella to say hi to her old friends Jessica and Mike, and Angela and Eric. “Tonight / Lightning strikes / Let’s go into twilight!”

13) Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Iron & Wine) – track 11 in the soundtrack

– This was played during the prom, when Edward and Bella were dancing alone at a gazebo. She wanted to know why he didn’t let her become a vampire too, and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t end her life. The song captures Edward’s dilemma – he wanted to have Bella with him for eternity, but he didn’t want to end her life as a human. “Have I found you / Flightless bird / Jealous, weeping / Or lost you / American mouth…” I don’t exactly get what the American mouth is about, but anyway it turns out that the song was Kristen Stewart’s suggestion.

14) 15 Step (Radiohead) – not included in the soundtrack

– This was the first song used for the credits, when Victoria was walking down the stairs after watching Edward and Bella dancing. I suppose the lyrics are appropriate for Victoria – “How come I end up where I started…”

15) Leave Out All the Rest (Linkin Park) – track 4 in the soundtrack

– This was the second song used for the credits. I’ve always liked Linkin Park, so I was glad that they have a song in the soundtrack. “When my time comes / Forget the wrong that I’ve done / Help me leave behind some / Reasons to be missed / Don’t resent me / And when you’re feeling empty / Keep me in your memory / Leave out all the rest…”

16) Decode (Paramore) – track 2 in the soundtrack

– This was the third song used for the credits, and is the first single released for Twilight. This is the song with the most appropriate lyrics for the story, since the composer actually wrote this about Edward and Bella. “But you think that I can’t see / What kind of man that you are / If you’re a man at all / Well, I will figure this one out / On my own (I’m screaming, ‘I love you so.’) / On my own (My thoughts you can’t decode)…”

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  1. Hilda Lissette says:

    Does anyone know the music that plays in the background in Breaking Dawn Part 2, when Charlie meets Renesmee for the first time?
    Thanks in advance (:

  2. hey. there’s dis song that played when bella was waiting for edward and then went to the woods to tell him ”i know what you are”. im desperate to know the title. do u know? thanks

    1. Leise says:

      It’s literally called “I know what you are”, composed by Carter Burrell, who did the musical arrangement for the movie.

  3. Nako says:

    This film makes me realize that you can give up everything for one you love

  4. tyna says:

    there is this song buh i do no da title

  5. Aditya sarwe says:

    This film touched my heart from bottom to top, when my last time would come on earth, i would se this movie all parts and diein peace ✌ fully, happily, lovelly and would take it with my soul…

  6. raily winters says:

    hey what are the songs called

  7. Hetanshi says:

    i like the twilight series and i love the story and the movies. Its awesome and marvelous .

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    Where can i download the song, let me sign, off the first twillight movie?

  9. Sahana rao says:

    oH!!!! I jUsT LUv DiS .But I LUV HiM MOrE-RoBerT PATinSoN

  10. elijah zyzzx says:

    twilight has been and will ever be the most incredible romantic, dramatic, and historic movie I’ve ever watch……. am a huge fan


  12. Chantal Beukes says:

    I would love if someone could do a breakdown of every song/tune from beginning to end of the whole twilight saga. The way it is done here is awesome but so many songs are missing… I LOVE the music from the movies (all of them) but I cant seem to find a lot of the songs. The background music and some of the other songs like the one edward and renesmme play in BD2… if anyone knows where I could find a complete list of songs from all 5 movies that would be awesome!

  13. Dona(afrin) says:

    I LOVE TWILIGHT.IT IS BEST FOR ME.Kristen is too good in the film.

  14. Shannon says:

    Name of the song in the background of the twilight DVD menu?

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    i want to know what the name of the music which it start when bella reach the school at first time (the piano music)

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    i love rob pattinson as a vampire

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    it’s ahhmm like never heard of those feelings

  24. CJ says:

    What song is playing when Bella see’s Mike, Jessica, Eric and Angela laughing in the coffee shop in slow motion?

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    this is the truely love flim.

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    I”ve also seen vampire when I went INDIA that tour made me so rough
    Now I belive that vampires r truth I”VE also sittin with vampire its truth ………………………………..
    Vampires r so beautiful One time I fell in love with vampire but for only 4 years :)))

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      is it true that u say vampires r truth plz reply

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    i love this movie sooooooooo much . i love robsten . just stay together forever . i loovvveee uuuuu both .

  31. My daughter is to blame for my obsession, she has every dvd, and when i’m confined to my bed I watch every one, one after the other (i’m disabled through a back injury). She resently purchased the latest and I thought the songs matched every scene, so I thought I would find out more, your column has helped me name each song. My favourite one being Bella’s lullaby, it’s so beautiful. Thankyou

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    I m a very BIIIIiGG fan of twilight n it has really helped me a lot!!!!

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    and this is the list of twilight eclipse sound tracks.
    i love music and crazy about twilight tracks.i seached a lot and got all of my favorite tracks! hope it will hep you too! 🙂


    this is the link where u can get the details of all songs played in twilight.

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    onces at one week.
    I lov this movie…so much….
    Specially first part of Twilight series
    ‘I lov this movie’.

  56. Andre says:

    Hey does anyone know the acoustic guitar track while Bella and Edward are lying in her bedroom after their kissing scene? When she’s says don’t go after he jumps off and they lie there for a few minutes?

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      did you ever find out the name of that song¿?¿?¿?¿I am still looking for it…if you were lucky please help me out

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    I love this movie.
    I am always watching Twilight all the time
    Again and Again.

  58. mms says:

    I am looking for the second song of the movie just after the dear running scene, i think some of the lyrics go: (I am going out to see what I can sow… – sand I don’t know where i’ve gone and I don’t know what I’ve seen….) Does anyone know what this song is?

    1. Anonymous says:

      flightless bird, american mouth – its by Iron and Wine

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    thank u so much,.. and the description was awesome too !!

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    im looking for the song where edward and bella are sitting under some branches and its raining and where he says to her : that hes like a human living on tofu, keeps him strong but never fully satisfies, nothing like drinking her blood would be…i havent found it anywhere, any thoughts ?

  63. shawie says:

    does anyone here know the song wherein edward is finished explaining himself for being a vegetarian to bella,jumps off the cliff ending up to bella’s truck..tnk u so much..twilight forever!!=)

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  65. karthik says:

    it’s so amazing story i ever saw…

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    Can´t wait for eclipse!!!!! 🙂

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    woot I knew the one song at the end of the movie HAD to be Radiohead,lol was driving me bonkers trying to find if I was right.Thank You!

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    Oh Yeah! My mum likes muse supermassive black hole too brill song i like the muse song like my dad

  71. amy leanne says:

    i loved it and i didnt even see twighlight cant wait for the second one to come out hopefully there will be a secon one!!!

  72. Ellie says:

    Song when Bella first sees Edward and the Cullens in the Cafeteria is Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation (on the Twilight Motion Picture Soundtrack). I love this song!

  73. ANONYMOUS says:

    i know its kinda late but does anybody knw da name of the song dat is played when edward n bella r sittin on da piano i been lukin 4 dat song a while n its nt bella´s llulaby cause it sounds diferent plz answer oon cause am fliping out trying 2 find it!!!!!!

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    Does anybody know the name of the song that’s playing when Bella’s driving to school on her second day in Forks? I can’t find it anywhere.

  75. malishkaa says:

    oh whaooo wat page!! i love jacob!!!! n i love supermassive blackhole!!! its aweesome!!!!

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    wat d song was it when c got bitten by James in 1’st & was played???

    Al d same war was playd when c remembers edward in 2’nd & sth like der’s a possibility!!!!

    wat wer dey???

  77. chole369 says:

    does anyone know what that songs called ..where bellas waiting for class next to her truck reading a book??? its like a women’s voice…cant find it anywhere

    1. trinibaby says:

      probably try

  78. trinibaby says:

    i like all the songs used when they were on the fields, when they were in the trees, and the songs at the very end of the movie

  79. trinibaby says:

    if only edward and jacob were real!!!!

  80. trinibaby says:

    but i would like to know the title of the songs at the end of the movie, at the beginning, when they in the fields, and when they were climbing the trees.

  81. trinibaby says:

    this is the best movie that ever saw. i enjoyed the songs that were used very much that i always rewind the movie to hear and see my parts over and over again!!!!!!

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    the music when they lie on the field called “phascination phase”

  83. Anonymous says:

    please tell me the name of the melody when they sit in the bio lab and and he goes crazy because of her smell????

  84. Anonymous says:

    @ everyone if your looking for songs from twilight go to soundtrack or to hear them!

    does anyone know the name of the song where its bella first day and edward smells her and his eyes turn black and he holds his nose
    its not who are they or phascination phase!!!!!

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    help who sings the rock soulful song while edward and bella are lying in the meadow in twilight?

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    m trin 2 download twilight asvll as i m lokin 4 twilight outside da home means in da markt bt i hv nt found yt…….pry 2 god dat soon ican find it &4 my bet 2

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    i m also bit interested abt twilight but my sis never let 2 read it’s novel buttttttttt NEVER MINDDD!!!!!

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    Mid night sun jaldi nikaloo kutay k bachooo

  95. Zaid - Amrin says:

    bella’s lallaby ,eyes on fir , full moon are the three amazing songs

    i just love them <3 <3

  96. bella rules says:

    i love the song eyes on fire its soooooooooo cool i also like the bit when they are playing baseball and when edward is sucking the venom out of bella

  97. Dawn says:

    hey does anyone know if in New Moon will they be playing “I Still Believe in Love” it’s a song about someone leaving and someone else saying they still have faith. If you no one’s heard it you guys should find it. It’s really good!!!!

  98. Alygurl says:

    I ♥ Decode, Supermassise Black hole and eyes on fire!

  99. jessica harris. says:

    hey, if anyone could help, i’d really appreciate it.. so, whats the song that plays when edward and bella are sitting on the rocks, just before bella is cleaning her car, and she asks edward if a person has to be dying to become a vampire.. and goes on to talk about having the spanish influenza. because it was on the city on mtv last night, and its really got me bugged. HEEELPP? (;

  100. rohini says:

    Thank you 🙂

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    omg!.thanx a lot..i went crazy trying to find this songs..they are beautiful and the totally go w/ the story….anyways thanx a lot!

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    don wanna comment anything bout the tracks…….just wanna say… twilight n love Edward so much……..

  103. Matt says:

    P.S. It can be found on their covers album, it is a Kate Bush cover

  104. Matt says:

    the song when bella is searching the internet is “Running Up That Hill” by Placebo, my wife was wanting to know what it was too, as its also in an episode of the OC

  105. If only edward was real says:

    thanx a lot this blog was a huge help to me 🙂
    nice to see all of these twilight fans….anyway thanx again

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    hey ….gud work
    can u please also lemme know from where i can download these songs

    1. av says:

  107. kozy says:

    im confused, the song edward plays on piano is bellas lullaby however it sound nothing like the one in the movie,? is it ment to be this way?

  108. Susan says:

    Just about the comment you wrote with the first mentioned song, (but i’ll try not to bring it home with me) if you read the books, not bringing it to jacksonville, which is talked about as home because her mom lives there even though she never lived there. She does not want to go to jacksonville whatever it takes.

    Anyways thanks for this posting, i love the songs and i also noticed they are so well chosen. I am a big movie fan and always listen to music. (cannot live without my or any music)


  109. Hi, Please tell me the melody that is played when Edward and Bella are in the lab class I think the same melody that is played when they lay on the meadow scene

  110. DIANA says:

    yah the song supermassive black hole toatly made me melt i love EDWARD

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    whats the song when bella see edward in bilogy class

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    Please,can someone tell me what was the song that was on when Bella sees for the first time Edward in the cafeteria and asks Jessica about him???I don’t remember the words but i remember that it was sang be a female voice,kinda creepy and said a lot AaaAaaaaAAAaaaA 😛

    Please Help!!!

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    again..same with britney..what is the song played when bella search the internet..i love it so much

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    go to the complete song list of twlight an it has all the songs on there includin let me sign

  118. sareena says:

    where can you get the bonus tracks ? i got the cd, and the dvd movie but it doesn’t have all of the i want Let me sign, any help would be much appreciated , is it on the limited addition dvd with two dvds ? thanks!

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    Where can you get the bonus tracks? I bought the cd, but it doesn’t have all of them and I want Let me sign. Any help would be much appreciated.


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    hey does anyone know the name of the song playing in the main menu of twilight??? i think its so cool….plz if anyone knows telll me :]

  121. summer says:

    my most favorite songs is let me sign

  122. Simone says:

    I think let the let me sign part of the lyrics for the same named song refers back to the fact that Edward although unsure thinks there is a possibility he might still have a soul and by being in love with Bella and knowing what it will mean for her i.e. becoming a vampire, killing the human Bella, it will take cost him his soul (reference the conversation Bella has with Carlisle about turning her and he asks her if she would risk Edwards soul) but he is so in love with her and the way she affects him that there is a part of him that doesn’t care and will happily sign his soul over to the devil if it means he can have her. Which seeing as where it is in the movie helps show the torment edward is in at the point when he has to suck out the venom he wants her human and keep his soul but if she becomes a vampire he has her forever but it may cost him his soul and part of him doesnt care hence he doesnt know if he tries to suck out the venom if he will be able to stop.

    Although this is just a thought it probably isn’t anything like that but never mind. The song is still great and Robert Pattinson is a very talented artist – you don’t have to be able to hear the words to understand the song the music and the atmosphere its self tells you what is going on.

    cool blog nice to see other fans out there too :o)

  123. Katie says:

    i have all those 16 songs above

    are there any im missing because i want them all!!!!

    1. av says:

      there is “still believe in love”

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    i love the songs that thay play on twilight it capture the mood perfectly. and the songs capture the love to.

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    I really love the song let me sign, it plays when edward is trying to stop the venom fro her, before she turns into a vampire. All the songs are amazing though. Great soundtrck.

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  132. Sherry says:

    I need to ask you please tell me where I can find the song that it played when Edward and Bella first sit together in biology class. This is when she is wondering if she smells or what is wrong with her from his reaction. I love the song but cannot find it. If you have the name of the song and artist that would be great! THANKS

  133. Lauren says:

    does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it in the scene where Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella’s arm and she has the flashbacks in her head and then wakes up in the hospital? I can’t find it anywhere!

  134. Kali says:

    OMG!! thank u for putting up this page!! i could not figure out the song in the sceene when bella was dreaming, know thanks to you i know wat it is!!! and i Luv Let Me Sign!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank youThank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) and Brittney im not sure keep searching!(:

  135. Brittany says:

    does anyone know the song that plays while bella is searching on the internet?? pLEASE HELP!!

  136. Emma says:

    What about Amazing by Janelle?

    Was that in it?


  137. NewTwilightLover says:

    What’s the song when Edward first drives Bella to school about an hour into the movie? He is wearing sunglasses and it’s when some kids are talking about MOnte Carlo being the prom theme and then one girl says “oh my god” when she sees Edward and Bella driving up…there’s no words but it’s just a guy going “ahhhhhhhh” in different tunes, haha. Sorry this is so vague but I want that effin song if anyone knows it! haha.

    1. Renette says:

      Spotlight by Muse. It’s in the blog entry. 🙂

  138. Jewel says:

    do you know the name of the melody that is being played while edward and bella are in the field? if so, please tell me because i’ve been dying to know what it is. thank you.

  139. Fati says:

    ok so the song when bella first sees edward walking into the cafeteria is by carter burwell and so is the one that he is playing on the piano with just him and bella listening or so i think!!! im pretty sure cause i have them so cha it has to be =D enjoy TWILIGHT SOUNDTRACK IS AWESOME!!!

  140. fexjo says:

    What song was playing when Bella search about vampire over the internet?
    Please help me….I’ve search this song for a long time….thx all…

    1. Anonymous says:

      I know what you are.

  141. Christina says:

    What song was playing when Bella entered class, and Edward held his nose??

  142. Anonymous says:

    when Bella sees Edward for the first time in the cafeteria :the name is who are they? by carter burwell

  143. verda says:

    to kate :
    it’s bella’s lullaby by carter burwell
    that’s such a beautiful song, isn’t it? 🙂

  144. verda says:

    hello! does anybody know which song plays when Bella sees Edward for the first time in the cafeteria? Do you think it can be “Creep” by Radiohead? I would really appreciate it if someone answers me 🙂 thanks!

  145. kate says:

    does anyone know the name of the song that edward plays on the piano at his house?? xx

    1. Judy says:

      uGwEdm AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

  146. orestis says:

    guys i don’t know the name of the song which is played when bella enters the lab and sit next to edward.the first time not the second!please tell me!

    1. Dawn says:

      Kate when Bella and Edward are at Edward’s house he plays her Esme’s lullaby and then Bella’s lullaby

  147. VANESSA says:


  148. Princicipa says:

    LET ME SIGN! That song is sooooooooooooooo cool!

  149. Anonymous says:

    Your blog is very cool!

  150. Clairevoyent says:

    Supermassive black hole is the most awsome song eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Annie says:

    C Williams, my message also applies for you, least for the 2nd half!

    I am pretty sure “How I Would Die” is the song that plays in the beginning for the deer chase.

  152. Annie says:

    Ann Marie, I adore that song too! It’s on the classical score soundtrack, and it’s called “I Know What You Are”, least I’m pretty sure. Though wonderful and epic, the soundtrack is full of reprises. It’s not…very original.

  153. c williams says:

    I so want the name of the meolody playing at the beginning of the movie w/ the deer in the forest and its also the same melody playing when bella is reading on the computer about “the cold one.” If you know PLEASE….I want it!!!! Thanksss 🙂

  154. AnnMarie says:

    oh nvm i got it 😀

  155. AnnMarie says:

    hey. doesn anyone know what song they played when bella is looking up the quileute legends on the computer and reading the book about it?
    thanks 🙂

    1. pamodh says:

      can u tell me the name of the song please.. i’m lookin 4 it too!!

      1. pamodh says:

        k got it its called Running Up That Hill by Placebo

  156. juna says:

    hi, can you please tell me the title of the melody that is played when Edward and Bella are in the lab class and he is asking her about her mother and why she left home, it’s the same melody that is played when they lay on the meadow scene…

  157. Anonymous says:

    hi! tnx so much for ur details.. do you know the song when eric approached Bella on her first day at school? i wish u know.. its giving me a hard time.. tnx

  158. Anonymous says:

    Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell sounds different when Edward Cullen plays it. I like it much better when he actually plays it on the piano, it really has a much more full sound

  159. PHAT says:


  160. lexiiiii says:

    What Song Is Playing When Edward Is Sucking The Venom Out Of Bella’s Armmm ?

    1. Renette says:

      It’s “Let Me Sign” by Robert Pattinson.

      1. Dawn says:

        hey I here you on that and I can’t wait til all the movies come out me and my mom are head over heals for twilgiht

  161. Anonymous says:

    OMG everyone keeps on getting it wrong. Let me sign is not sung by ROBERT PATTINGSON BUT BY ROB PATTERSON subtle difference, well ultimately different people! anyway great movie and songs too! the best movie ever, plus i cant wait for the next one as the books are awesome!!! like really awesome!

    1. Renette says:

      Uh, it was both composed and performed by Robert Pattinson.

  162. Nicky says:

    What came before Full Moon? There was a song, where they were showing the forest, a deer, and this really haunting song.. It’s driving me crazy.

    1. Renette says:

      Hmmm… I think the music playing in the background was probably part of the musical score.

      1. Dawn says:

        hey chill the song’s still really really good

    2. RIDDHIMA says:

      i know what you are-carter burwell

  163. Coleen says:

    Omg, thanks. ;D
    I’ve been trying to figure out what that song was when Bella was in the parking lot waiting for Edward. Gah!

  164. Anonymous says:

    great summary of songs! thanks!

  165. grace says:

    thank you very much for posting the soundtrack of twilight. good job!

  166. Thanks for the post! Now I know the title of the song played during their dance at the gazebo. It really made my heart melt. 😀

  167. Mick Lite says:

    Collective Soul Rocks! And yes perfect placement for the song, it gave me goosebumps! 🙂

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