Watching Lea Salonga in Cinderella 2008

To celebrate my mother’s birthday last 11 August 2008, we watched Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella along with my boyfriend, Sidney, and my grandmother, Lola Nanding, who was here for her yearly visit from Australia.

It was everybody’s first time to watch a production at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the first time to see our very own Lea Salonga live. Sadly though, I had to leave my camera at the entrance of the CCP, so I wasn’t able to get any good photos.

Cinderella will always be a popular story, and although I like various adaptations of the rags to riches story, it’s great to see a retelling of the original story through music. I now understand why tickets are so expensive – the costumes and set designs were breathtaking! Actually, everything about it was magical – the orchestra, the choreography, the acting, the singing. It was worth every single centavo. I left the show incessantly singing, “Impossible things are happening evv-ryyy-daaaaaay!” (complete with falsetto at the end).

Funny but I never even knew before I saw Lea Salonga’s Cinderella that this was based on the 1957 movie version, starring Julie Andrews, no less – one of my favorite actresses of all time! And I thank heavens once more for YouTube because I was able to watch the entire movie and listen to the songs again.

Here are my favorite lines from Cinderella, which I got from watching the Julie Andrews version, although I remember that these were also said (or sung) in the musical.

Queen (talking about the Prince): If he’s happy, why won’t he get married?
King: If he’s happy, why should he get married?

King: (muttering the lines of the song being sung outside) The prince is giving a ball… (to his wife) You got us into this!
Queen: We had to do something to celebrate the 21st birthday of our son… (breaks out into a song) his Royal Highness… Christopher Rupert …
King (interrupting) Mazie…
Queen: Vwindemier… Vlandamier…
King: Mazie! I know all his names! I’m his father!

King (talking to the chef and the steward about the menu for the ball): What about the marshmallows?
Queen: Who wants marshmallows?
King: I do.
Queen: Why?
King: For toasting!

King (talking to the chef and the steward about the wine to be served at the ball): I want the wine of my country.
Queen: Hush, my dear.
King: I want the wine of my country, I want the wine of my country, I want the wine of my country. The wine of my country is… beer.
Queen (with a pointed look at the king’s protruding belly) Obviously.

Cinderella: Godmother, do dreams never, never come true?
Fairy Godmother: Well I wouldn’t say never… Just seldom.

Cinderella: Oh Godmother, what a beautiful dress!
Fairy Godmother: This old thing? I’ve had it for eight hundred and thirty-two years.

Prince (to Cinderella): Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?

Prince: (holding the glass slipper) May I have your Royal Guards to send to the kingdom in search of the owner?
King: (emphatically) Of course you may!
Prince: And the Secret Service?
King: Well of course my boy! They never find out anything, but you can try.

And there’s a line from the musical (which wasn’t in the movie) that got the most reaction from the crowd:

Herald: My name is Hark… Hark the Herald.

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